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Posted 10/14/2017 2:26:31 PM


Hiya do you like roleplay? we are bf and gf and we are out in a night club. your wearing a nice tight short black bress with no underwear or bra as you know i like it that way. we been together for since we were kids and we love eachother so much. you get really drunk and you tell me your going out side for for some fresh air, as you get out side you go around the corner down a dark ally to have chill out for a while. a guy walks down and asked if your ok, hes a hot guy ans seems really nice and you start getting talking, you find hes starting to flirt with you, you know you shouldnt but you really like it, you notice his sexy eyes looking over your dress as if it was his hands, you never felt this way before .........then??? take your time in saying wat happens next xx
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