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Posted 12/6/2017 8:46:23 PM


I’m learning and reading all I can on being a god submissive cause I really want this to work. I really have only known this person for a little over a month but we’ve been talking every day since day one. She told me she’s new to to being a dominant but yet has had a good amount of experience with girls and guys too. I will just tell you how it works in our relationship, she is married to a really nice guy who wants her to be happy and get to at the same time experience her need for a female also, which I think is great. So where I fit in is different for me because it won’t be just me and her. The Rules are that he can watch but Can not touch me and me him, it’s not a threesome yet things are done in front of him. He is her dom but then they fell in love and just recently got married. They don’t make me feel uncomfortable or unwanted in anyway but, it’s still so new to me. For me I need reassurance all the time cause that’s just how I am and she said she’s the same way. My question is, how Can I reassure my dom irl? We’ve don’t most are talking through text but we’ve met 2 times and this weekend will be our 3rd and I get to spent it with her. any advice is welcome
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