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Nickname: RunSaber
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RS Mmm... Yay!
Do YoU LiKe...
tHe WaY
I... RaWk It?

PeOpLe SaY I'm CoNcEiTeD,
CuZ ThEy ReaLLy WaNna Be Me!

tHe WiSe GeNeRallY FaVoR aNd VaLuE My InPuT *Heh*
O.o ...aNd OtHer PeOpLe? GeNeRallY... ThEy pAy fOr
ThEiR LaCk Of WiSdOm aNd PoOr ChOiCeS.

~~ FFXI ~~
76 Smn, 76 Blm, 80 Blu, 80 Sch, 75 Brd, 75 Drk, 79 Pup, 75 Mnk
Garland of Bliss, vidohunir, expiacian, omniscience, mordant rime, insurgency, stringing pummel, ascetic's fury

About Me Expand / Collapse
  About Me 
Age: 38
Marital Status: Prefer not to say Number of Children: 0
Education: Prefer not to say Religion: Prefer not to say
  The Physcial Me 
Gender: Male Body Type: Fit/Athletic
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Other
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian Height: 180cm ~ 5'11"
  Location Info. 
City: wine and vine country) Mmm... Can you guess? State/Prov.: California
ZIP/Postal Code: Country: United States
Time Zone: Pacific time (US & Canada), Tijuana
  Substance Intake 
Smoker: Prefer not to say Drinker: Social Drugs: Prefer not to say
  Ideal Date 
a drive-in movie, a secret location, a weekend getaway, celebrating special dates, champagne on ice, chivalry/gallantry, cooking a meal, cuddling by a roaring fire, dinner by candlelight, listening to music, love notes in special places, ordering in food, random acts of kindness, snuggling by the TV, surprise gifts
  I enjoy 
cards, chatting on the Web, collecting, darts, doing absolutely nothing, horseback riding, hunting, listening to music, meditation, my pet, rock climbing, rollerblading, sailing, shopping, snowboarding, spending time alone, sunbathing, surfing, surfing the Web, traveling, windsurfing, woodworking
  I believe in 
a curious mind, a sense of humor, an entrepreneurial spirit, being a good listener, being non-judgmental, common sense, compassion, generosity, good manners, having a zest for life, integrity, knowing what you want from life, loyalty, open communication, open-mindedness, openness, optimism, showing affection freely, taking life as it comes, the ability to laugh at yourself, thoughtfulness

Adult Profile Expand / Collapse
  I like 
a hot tub, a petite figure, a shower/bath for two, a slow hot oil massage, being blindfolded, being creative with food, being undressed slowly, being watched/videotaped, body piercing, edible oils, erotic movies, extended foreplay, french kissing, getting a "hickey", giving a "hickey", hard rock music, incense, lips/tongues, oral sex, scented candles, sex talk, short height, soul/funk/blues music, tattoos, teasing with a feather, unusual locations for sex, whispering in my ear
  Encounters I enjoy 
a threesome, anything goes, being dominant/ a master, being watched, bondage, conventional sex only, costumes/disguises, discipline, fetishes, one-night stand, oral sex, role playing, sex talk, swinging/partner swapping, using sex toys, video-taping, visiting a "swinging" club
  I like my partner to have the following traits 
a femme fatale, a non-virgin, a sense of humor, a virgin, aggressiveness, asks what I want, average sex drive, confidence, discretion/secrecy, dislikes routine, gentleness, good personal hygiene, good with their hands, has a secret love nest, high-sex drive, imagination, likes to give oral sex, likes to go slow, likes to receive oral sex, lots of stamina, not possessive, says what they want, someone I can teach, someone to teach me, will let me take control, willingness to experiment

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